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attempts to stem refugees, cross-border raids, arms smuggling, together with other unlawful activities by separatists from southern Senegal's Casamance area, along with from conflicts in other west African states

As a typical matter -- as far as I could make out -- these murderous adventures weren't forays carried out to avenge injuries, nor to settle aged disputes or sudden fallings out; no, like a rule they ended up simply just duels be- tween strangers -- duels among people who experienced never even been introduced to one another, and in between whom existed no reason behind offense whatever.

Costa Rica and Nicaragua on a regular basis file border dispute conditions around the delimitations of your San Juan River along with the northern tip of Calero Island into the Worldwide Court docket of Justice (ICJ); in 2009, the ICJ ruled that Costa Rican vessels carrying out law enforcement things to do could not utilize the river, but Formal Costa Rican vessels delivering crucial providers to riverside inhabitants and Costa Rican visitors could travel freely around the river; in 2011, the ICJ provisionally ruled that equally nations must eliminate personnel with the disputed place; in 2013, the ICJ rejected Nicaragua's 2012 match to halt Costa Rica's design of the freeway paralleling the river over the grounds of irreparable environmental destruction; in 2013, the ICJ, concerning the disputed territory, requested that Nicaragua really should refrain from dredging or canal construction and refill and fix damage brought on by trenches connecting the river towards the Caribbean and upheld its 2010 ruling that Nicaragua ought to get rid of all personnel; in early 2014, Costa Rica brought Nicaragua into the ICJ in excess of offshore oil concessions while in the disputed location

dispute with Tanzania above the boundary in Lake Nyasa (Lake Malawi) as well as meandering Songwe River; Malawi contends that all the lake up for the Tanzanian shoreline is its territory, even though Tanzania statements the border is in the middle in the lake; the conflict was reignited in 2012 when Malawi awarded a license to a British company for oil exploration within the lake

arranged unlawful narcotics operations in Colombia penetrate across Ecuador's shared border, which 1000s of Colombians also cross to escape the violence of their dwelling country

Italy's lengthy coastline and developed overall economy entices tens of thousands of illegal immigrants from southeastern Europe and northern Africa

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A dispute is actually a continuing disagreement carried on involving two or maybe more parties. The events could be people, or they may be organisations or nations around the world. Disputes can final quite a long time, and they might have significant benefits.

since China and India released a stability and overseas coverage dialogue in 2005, consolidated discussions linked to the dispute above most in their rugged, militarized boundary, regional nuclear proliferation, Indian promises that China transferred missiles to Pakistan, together with other matters continue on

Afghan, Coalition, and Pakistan military services meet periodically to explain the alignment from the boundary on the bottom and on maps and considering that 2014 have fulfilled to discuss collaboration around the Taliban insurgency and counterterrorism attempts; Afghan and Iranian commissioners have discussed boundary monument densification and resurvey; Iran protests Afghanistan's limiting movement of dammed Helmand River tributaries throughout drought; Pakistan has sent troops throughout and constructed fences along some remote tribal areas of its treaty-outlined Durand Line border with Afghanistan which function bases for foreign terrorists and various illegal activities; Russia stays concerned about the smuggling of poppy derivatives from Afghanistan by means of Central Asian international locations

Dispute may possibly come about from controversy. Disputes may well turn into conflicts. Disputes involving person folks may perhaps produce violence. Disputes amongst organisations may perhaps bring about lawful action. Disputes amongst nations may result in war.

n no pl (= arguing, controversy) → Disput m, → Kontroverse f; to get past dispute → außer Frage stehen; There may be some dispute about which horse gained → es ist umstritten, welches Pferd gewonnen hat; the two international locations are in dispute more than boundaries → zwischen den beiden Ländern gibt es Grenzstreitigkeiten; a territory in or beneath dispute → ein umstrittenes Gebiet; being open to dispute → anfechtbar or umstritten sein; the situation is in or less than dispute (Jur) → der Slide wird verhandelt

southeast Asian states have Increased border surveillance to check the spread of avian flu; Cambodia and Laos protest Vietnamese squatters and armed encroachments together border; Cambodia accuses Vietnam of a wide variety of illicit cross-border actions; progress over a joint advancement location with Cambodia is hampered by an unresolved dispute over sovereignty of offshore islands; an estimated three hundred,000 Vietnamese refugees reside in China; establishment of a maritime boundary with Cambodia is hampered by unresolved dispute around the sovereignty of here offshore islands; the decade-prolonged demarcation on the China-Vietnam land boundary was concluded in 2009; China occupies the Paracel Islands also claimed by Vietnam and Taiwan; Brunei claims a maritime boundary extending further than so far as a median with Vietnam, thus asserting an implicit claim to Lousia Reef; the 2002 "Declaration within the Conduct of Functions while in the South China Sea" has eased tensions but falls in need of a legally binding "code of carry out" desired by a number of of the disputants; Vietnam carries here on to extend building of amenities from the Spratly Islands; in March 2005, the nationwide oil providers of China, the Philippines, and Vietnam signed a joint accord to carry out maritime seismic pursuits while in the Spratly Islands; Economic Exclusion Zone negotiations with Indonesia are ongoing, and the two nations around the world in Drop 2011 agreed to work together to cut back illegal fishing together their maritime boundary

since the breakup of Yugoslavia while in the early nineteen nineties, Croatia and Slovenia have each claimed sovereignty more than Piranski Bay and 4 villages, and Slovenia has objected to Croatia's assert of the exclusive economic visit zone in the Adriatic Sea; in 2009, nevertheless Croatia and Slovenia signed a binding Worldwide arbitration agreement to determine their disputed land and maritime borders, which led Slovenia to elevate its objections to Croatia joining the EU; being a member point out that types Portion of the EU's external border, Slovenia has carried out the rigid Schengen border regulations to control illegal migration and commerce as a result of southeastern Europe when encouraging near cross-border ties with Croatia; Slovenia continues to impose a hard border Schengen routine with Croatia, which joined the EU in 2013 but has not but fulfilled Schengen prerequisites

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